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Top 8 Caregiver Resolutions for the New Year


Set boundaries. Recognize when I have taken on more than I can handle.


Find support from family and friends and reach out to other community resources – to feel less isolated, find respite and address my own needs.


Educate myself about my loved one’s circumstances and empower myself to address and improve them.


Create realistic goals for my loved one and myself.


Give myself permission to not feel like a failure if I don’t meet a goal. Focus on what I can control and not stress about what I can’t.


Seek professional advice when needed.


Because self-care is critical for my well-being and those around me, I will spend quality time with others, eat right, exercise and try meditation or other calming exercises.


Anticipate my own future needs for care and consider what I may need and who I would want to assume various caregiving responsibilities for me.

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