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5 Ways We Help Family Caregivers

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Now that you are a caregiver for a loved one, you will need information, insights, support, guidance and the opportunity to express the frustrations, joys, and challenges that come with caregiving. How do you learn how to be a caregiver? Make an appointment? Take time from work to sit down with someone? Play telephone tag with confusing phone trees to get some information? The unique offer of eFamilyCare is that this help is available to you in an app and online, real-time. We are available when you are, for whatever length of time you can spend. Maybe caregiving is a role you want; maybe it is a role that is thrust on you by circumstances. Whichever the case, eFamilyCare is here to help you be successful at providing effective care for your loved one. And in the process make this an experience of learning and positive feeling for you.

Care Evaluation

We want to know what’s going on. Not only with your loved one, but also with you as the caregiver. We have a collection of online questionnaires and surveys which help us develop a picture of the issues you are dealing with.  Your personal expert care adviser will assign the appropriate forms to you, and you fill them out as they apply to you and on your own time. Through this information, with your care adviser, you prioritize the tasks that must be done to achieve your caregiving goals in a way that works for you and gets the best solutions for your loved one. Every caregiver is different, and each caregiving situation is unique. So, no cookie-cutter approaches. We work with you and your care situation individually with your personal expert care adviser.

Care Advising

Each family caregiver has a care adviser expert in the field of caregiving.  The care advisor is your guide, mentor, reality check, coach, and a shoulder to lean on.  Your care adviser helps you navigate the healthcare system, which can be daunting, and find answers to other caregiving questions you bring up.   This care adviser is available to you online, through our mobile app or real-time face-to-face video.  So whenever your schedule allows you to reach out and consult your care adviser, that care adviser is available to you.

Secure Messaging with a Care Advisor

You always want information about yourself and your loved one to be private and secure.  eFamilyCare leverages state-of-the-art secure messaging technology to make sure communication between you and your care advise team is private, HIPAA compliant and secure.

Video Visits

Sometimes messaging isn’t enough.  Your care adviser and you want some face-to-face encounters to clarify issues, get a better handle on what’s going on and fold in other family caregivers who have a stake in the wellbeing of your loved one.  With a video visit, the care adviser can ‘lay eyes’ on a loved one, a home environment, the performance of a caregiving task, and to confer with other family members or caregivers.

Resource Base

If you have started your caregiving journey you know there is a ton of information online.  But what information is applicable to you and at the right time?   eFamilyCare advisers sift through the mountains of information, evaluating for accuracy and applicability, and steer you to the right information at the right time so you will be a better-informed caregiver.

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