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eFamilyCare is Committed to Making a Difference During Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a time dedicated to raising awareness about causes, preventions, diagnosis’, treatments, and cures for breast cancer. Breast cancer is one of the most prevalent forms of cancer globally, affecting millions of lives each year. One in eight women is diagnosed with breast cancer, making it a significant health concern for women and, in some cases, men.

eFamilyCare is a caregiver support platform that offers a wide range of services and resources to support patients with breast cancer and their caregivers. At eFamilyCare, we are dedicated to making a difference. Here’s how we support patients and caregivers facing the challenges of breast cancer:

  1. Dealing with Diagnosis: When learning about a cancer diagnosis, caregivers may experience a wide range of emotions, including fear, sadness, anxiety, and helplessness, as they grapple with the diagnosis and its implications for their loved one. eFamilyCare’s care advisers are there to help the caregiver accept the diagnosis and take the next steps into getting care and treatment for their loved one, as well as provide educational resources for the caregiver to educate themselves on the new diagnosis.
  2. Uncertainty: The uncertainty surrounding the course of treatment, prognosis, and potential side effects of cancer therapies can be overwhelming for caregivers. eFamilyCare will help the caregiver truly understand the treatment plan and can advise the caregiver on how to communicate with the medical team to ensure they are fully informed on the process.
  3. Role changes: Caregivers may need to assume new responsibilities, such as administering medications, assisting with daily activities, and coordinating medical appointments. Adjusting to these role changes can be difficult and often lead the caregiver to sacrifice their own hobbies, social life, and personal time to provide care. This loss of personal time can lead to feelings of isolation and burnout. eFamilyCare is there to monitor the caregiver’s stress levels and ensure they are maintaining a sense of wellbeing for themselves, so they are able to provide the best care possible.
  4. Managing side effects: Caregivers may witness their loved ones experiencing side effects from cancer treatments, such as pain, nausea, and fatigue. It can be emotionally challenging to see the person they care about suffering. eFamilyCare helps caregivers work through these challenges by advising them and providing resources on what to expect so they can be better prepared to assist their loved ones through the side effects.

Caring for a loved one with breast cancer can be a balancing act of trying to provide valuable support, understand treatments, prioritize your loved one’s health all while trying to manage your own life. That’s why eFamilyCare is dedicated to providing tailored support to caregivers. Our commitment doesn’t end with Breast Cancer Awareness Month. We continue to offer a wide array of services to help patients and caregivers throughout their journey, from early detection to managing treatment complexities and disease progression. At eFamilyCare, we’re here to help you navigate, support, understand your feelings, and facilitate open communication with your loved ones dealing with cancer to get the best outcome possible.

About eFamilyCare

eFamilyCare is an online family caregiving service that connects you with expert care advisors dedicated to helping you care for your loved ones. Their care advisors help members build a personalized plan that provides ongoing support for family caregiving. eFamilyCare’s Co-Founder, Dr. Eric Rackow (President of NYU Hospitals Center) saw first-hand the need to better support family caregivers of patients who were unnecessarily experiencing frequent hospitalizations. His insights led him to develop a unique model of complex chronic care management and homecare solutions nationwide. His story, like the other founders of eFamilyCare, helped to create the first-ever digital platform to connect family caregivers to medical experts anytime, anywhere.