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How Does eFamilyCare Work?

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What You Need to Know to Make eFamilyCare Work For You.

eFamilyCare is a mobile application designed to help and empower people who are concerned about the care of an aging loved one. The eFamilyCare app allows you to access professional advice and support whenever you need from a dedicated care adviser.

Follow these easy steps to begin.

  1. Download the app to your phone and create a profile. A brief survey will be automatically sent to your screen.
  2. Complete the survey which will help your Professional Care Adviser understand your concerns and priorities.
  3. The Professional Care Adviser will respond by messaging you within the app to explore the current situation and begin to work with you to address your concerns.
  4. The Professional Care Adviser may also send additional surveys for you to complete to help you both better understand your aging loved one’s situation, as well as, informative literature to enhance your caregiver skills and knowledge.
  5. From here, every time the caregiver needs support, ongoing advice will be provided by the Care Adviser, which is easily accessible through the app.

No matter your technical proficiency, our app is user-friendly for caregivers of all ages and skill levels. Below, we will go through how eFamilyCare works to enable you to determine if this is the right app and service for your situation.

Who Is a Caregiver?

A caregiver is concerned about, manages or provides primary care to an Aging Loved One—or any individual who is unable to fully care for themselves. A caregiver may plan and coordinate a range of care or services including doctors’ appointments, personal care needs, and any other life management tasks such as housekeeping, shopping, transportation bill paying, grooming and transportation for example. These are all things that an individual may be unable to do themselves.

Family Caregiving Made Convenient

The health system was never designed to provide long-term personal care. This has left many family members taking on the role of caregiver — which can be a full-time job. Caregivers often have to reach out to multiple resources before getting the information they need, leaving them waiting anxiously waiting for a response when an immediate answer is needed to address their Aging Loved One’s needs.

eFamilyCare seeks to relieve these challenges and empower you, the caregiver. It connects you directly with a Professional Care Adviser who will be your go person for personalized advice and support related to caregiving.

Get Caregiving Advice Anytime and Anywhere

When you click on the eFamilyCare app on your smartphone, you will immediately be connected with your personal care adviser. From here, you can message your adviser regarding any questions or concerns you have. The adviser will respond quickly and directly, organizing all the information you need in one place. Via ongoing messaging, you and your adviser will establish a strong relationship further enhancing the personalization guidance and support provided by

Assistance in Locating Care Resource Options For Your Loved One

Finding the best caregiving options can be confusing. empowers caregivers to locate and evaluate the most suitable and affordable resources to assure the safety of an Aging Loved One.

Reducing Caregiver Stress

Most importantly, partners with you, the Family Caregiver, reducing the isolation and burden associated with caregiving and enhancing your health and well-being.

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